"To call speaking a "soft skill" diminishes its value in a world that cherishes the hard sciences. Speaking effectively isn't soft. It's the equivalent of cold, hard cash!"

The spoken word is crucial and remains the accepted mode of formal communication.


We offer 3 different programmes 





Who benefits from this programme?

We all benefit from need a good speaking voice but, in all honesty, the people with the greatest responsibilities are often the people who need it the most. 

Have you ever experienced a teacher who you can't hear properly? It's frustrating, isn't it? But, what happens if an airplane pilot mumbles to the crew or a key note speaker has such a strong accent that no one can tell what they are saying?

It's a sensitive subject and a personal one too but, changes are being made and we are here to help.

When a gifted and talented person takes our programme, they benefit immensely! Their work benefits. Their coworkers benefit and even their friends and family benefit! 

We work with every sort of gifted and talented person: 

 scientists and engineers, company directors and CEOs, senior members of staff and post graduates, entrepreneurs and aircraft pilots, military personnel and mathematicians. We turn them around in just a few months.

We are often recommended by word of mouth referral to organisations and to individuals.

We work with people from all over the world.

Our clients include the senior fellows of international academies including the Royal Society.

We work with Chinese engineers who are invited to speak at science conferences.


More about who can benefit form this programme: We work with chief engineers from Nigeria and with business owners from Dubai.

Sometimes, we are invited to work with young graduates who are retraining in business. Some of our work is with post-doctorate medical students who are training under some of the world's greatest surgeons. 

Our clients have often spoken to us about our programmes; they have often told us that this elocution programme is rewarding and surprisingly interesting and that they enjoy working with us. 

We work with chief engineers who are working in major companies in Nigeria

How the programme is structured

This programme consists of six months of in depth, one to one, weekly coaching in elocution and communication with the British elocution coach, Mrs. Elizabeth Darley. These sessions help the client achieve a clear, effective, speaking voice.

We transfer to our clients our knowledge of elocution and communication skills through demonstrating, explaining and teaching. The client will practice reading aloud and become experienced in adopting the vocal techniques we teach. This programme teaches you to acquire

Useful breathing techniques ,

Accurate pronunciation,

Improved tone of voice,

Memorising skills, and the ability

To control the speed of your speech,

To project your speaking voice,

To make better use of eye contact or arm gesture,

To have a basic knowledge of human anatomy for good speech,

To develop mental techniques for good speech,

To maybe soften a regional accent,

To adopt a neutral accent,

To strengthen the speaking voice. 

All this leads to increased self confidence.

The spoken voice is vitally important for surgeons. We work with post doctoral students who realise the value of clear speech.

We offer value for money with successful outcomes. We guarantee your fees in our terms and agreements and we believe that the customer is always king.

The value of this programme

By taking this programme, you will learn to become a better communicator.

You will speak and be heard first time. You will become more fluent and clear - in meetings and in discussions. You will make greater progress in your career because your improved speaking voice will open new doors for you.

This is our flagship programme because it has produced the highest levels of career progression for people since 2004. By taking this programme, you will no longer be misunderstood and you will not be asked so much to repeat yourself. You will experience fewer moments of interruption. You will sense that you are appreciated more.

This programme teaches how to acquire clear speech and self confidence through better communication skills. The training covers all aspects of speaking including the use of techniques and information taken from the worlds of acting, singing, public speaking, psychology and anatomy. The actual subjects used in this training, such as any poems and prose, are selected to suit the individual client’s personal tastes and interests.

If you like, your voice may be recorded as you are progressing towards becoming a highly effective communicator.

We believe that all talented people should benefit from taking this programme but, as few such people know about it, yet, you’ll have the advantage in today’s highly competitive world.

Enroll on our



and become a more professional and relaxed communicator.

We understand that our clients are busy people such as engineers and designers, and they learn to practice their new skills anytime at work. 

The benefits of taking this programme

Become a more effective speaker. Acquiring clearer speech and greater self confidence. Your day to day communications improve. It is easier to help colleagues and your clients to understand you first time. Others will refrain from speaking over you or interrupting you.  You will receive greater acknowledgement and appreciation You will feel more relaxed at work and more skilled at tackling difficult situations.

This unique programme will equip you with an understanding of how to direct a conversation to achieve results.

The anatomy and the psychology of the speaking voice 

 You will gain an understanding of how the spoken word is produced within both your mind and your body and you will have a more special knowledge of how to bring these two aspects together to reap the best from your communications. You will become more self confident when you are taking part in necessary meetings and discussions and you will become more able to master your interactions with clients and colleagues. Training is also given for better communications in your online meetings.

The Structure of the Programme

This is a six months long programme consisting of weekly one hour sessions. You will receive weekly set follow-up work and weekly email support. You will receive digitally edited sound recordings of your speaking voice for you to listen to and discuss with Mrs. Darley. Sound recordings are quantitative evidence of your progression in your speaking voice. We compile our programmes to suit individual requirements. We choose texts and resources to fit the client. This means that if you like skiing, for instance, we would select some useful text about skiing simply to further pique your interest. It is important that you enjoy your programme experience.

The programme dates and tuition fees

How to book your place and further information

Please telephone our office on 01484 687038 to arrange a  telephone consultation with our elocution coach, Mrs. Elizabeth Darley. 

Simply phone us on 01484 687038 or phone now, directly to Mrs. Darley 07949721958. This will give you a chance to tell us your requirements. If you would like to proceed with the Six Months Programme in Elocution and Communication Skills, we will arrange your weekly one hour sessions and send you a confirmation note as well as information on how to pay.

Tuition fees

Telephone consultation £55 GBP


Further information 07949721958


On this programme, you will learn to improve your speaking voice and improve the impression you make. Maybe you are expected at formal gatherings or at conferences. Do you feature in films, videos and events? You may be a well known figure or a super star. Whatever your level of fame so far, you will be aware of the need to shine brightly and to look the part. 

To come across in the way you would like to in professional videos or in press photographs, you might like our six months Elocution and Deportment Programme!

In the six short months you will look and sound professional by taking our unique, six months programme in Elocution and Etiquette

Our unique Six Months Elocution and Etiquette Programme covers the broader theme of the whole person. This six months programme will enable you to acquire clear speech as well as teaching you to project the right image. You will learn classical deportment to carry yourself well. You will learn how to greet people, how to introduce people, how to be introduced and to leave others with a good, memorable impression of you.

You will learn to look confident and to look relaxed. You will practice meeting new people you'll learn the art of conversation. You will deepen your knowledge of subjects to talk about and you will adopt new skills in dress and formal protocol.

By taking this programme, you will become much more self assured and you will learn to conduct yourself well at formal events. If you ask us to make a short video of your progress, you will be able to observe yourself as you practice your new skills. Our programmes are popular with gifted and talented people of all ages and are carefully compiled to suit the unique preferences and requirements of the client.

The advantages from taking this programme

After completing our unique certificate programme in Elocution and Etiquette, you will be more polished in yourself. Your weaknesses in speech will be gone.  and you will become a more intriguing person and you’ll become much more effective in your day to day situations. After taking our Six Months Certificate in Elocution and Etiquette, you will appear more professional and dependable. People who you talk with and spend time with at work will consider you to be an accomplished person who seems to reflect the best of your field. You will become naturally more self assured in formal situations and you will leave a more professional impression. You will be more confident to say what you want to say in the time you want to say it and you will be taken more seriously in your work. Your career trajectory will rise and your accomplishments will increase. More opportunities will come your way and you will feel more relaxed.

The starting dates and how to book your place

Before you start a Programme, we offer a 30 minutes telephone consultation with our consultant, Mrs. Elizabeth Darley. To book your Initial Consultation, contact our office and we will arrange a time to suit you.

3. The Half Day Course in Wedding Speech Preparation

Tuition Fees start at £450

Struggling to get a speech right for the day is a nerve-racking feeling we are all familiar with. But, you no longer need to worry because we are here to help you make it happen in a smooth and successful way.

In just one morning you will be given all the help you need to make your wedding speech into just what you want it to be and your make loving and memorable contribution to the important day.

We will teach you to pace your voice and to speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard. You will be given guidance on microphones and breathing techniques. We will even help you with your script if you like!

Our clients seem to enjoy working with us and all of them tell us that the half day coaching made the event a success.

To make arrangements, please phone us or email us.

How we were invited to connect our programmes with


We are delighted to be invited to connect with THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH'S AWARD.

In recent years, leaders in the THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD  

in Yorkshire have given their consent to several local young people and allow them to take our unique

SIX MONTHS CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME IN ELOCUTION SKILLS as a component within qualifying for the Bronze Award. These young people have by now successfully gained the Bronze Award and they are a credit to their families and the award. 


Please note that for all programmes Terms and Agreements apply.



 by Elizabeth Darley

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