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Business Coaching

Think about the people your business is relying on

These brilliant people are the mainstay of your enterprise.

They work well.

They think well.

They understand well.


Do they come across well? 

Hello! I'm Elizabeth Darley, an expert in all things communication at work. I work with brilliant members of staff who are shy or fearful or softly spoken. I help poor speakers to speak out.

I help shy people to speak well.

Business Meeting

I help scientist to communicate brilliantly and engineers to be heard at the back.


I've been doing this for years and I enjoy every minute!

I like to see the delighted looks on the faces of HR managers when they witness the utter transformation in their previously shy experts and in their previously nervous people.

I'm an expert in transforming brilliant mumbles into brilliant sounds!

I work with HR management, either on site or on location to bring out the best in people.


Your important staff are well qualified, reliable, pleasant to work with and experienced. But, do they speak well, too?

I am normally contacted by Human Resources who invite me to work with their most important staff members to help them to have greater success in their spoken engagements. I help individuals to sound clear and professional in their speaking assignments. Business owners and leaders invite me to work with someone they think may benefit from coming across more competently and be better at representing the organisation. The organisation sponsors their people to work with me over a period of time. I work with people who are well qualified but

simply need to improve their speaking voice and their general communicating skills


Feel free to discuss your requirements with me. I'm here to help.

I can be contacted directly on 07949721958

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