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I work with successful adults who want to change their accent at work.

I work with all types of people in all types of industry and work

but especially for engineers and the sciences.

People find me through Google searching for ‘Elocution.’

Elizabeth Teaching Tom.png

Elizabeth Darley working with one of her pupils

No matter your background or your specialism, we can help you to be even better at your work by helping you to become a great communicator.

Once you learn to communicate well, opportunities will come your way and you'll be in demand.

Our one to one coaching means that our clients become better leaders.

Where is the speaking voice important? It would be quicker to say where the speaking voice is not important! 

Can you think of a job where your speaking voice will not be needed?

By evidence, my business coaching produces astonishing results.

The best leaders don't just have knowledge, they successfully transfer their knowledge.

And, because they transfer their valuable knowledge, they become valuable themselves. They can command very high salaries! 

This is achieved through effective use of the spoken word.

With our help, you can achieve this, too.

Phone Call

What will they do with their knowledge?

The story of a great communicator

Studying in a Library
Reading Student

One beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same university.

They were very much alike, these two young men.

They were better than average students. They were friendly and helpful. They were filled with ambition.

A few years ago, these two men returned to that university for the 25th Reunion.

Cocktail Party

They were both still very much alike.

Both were happily married.

Both had three children.

And both, it turned out, had gone to work for the same world-leading British company after graduation,

and both were still working there.

Business handshake

But there was one difference.

One of these men is the manager of a small department of that company.

Management Meeting

The other owns the company!

Conference Speaker

So, What Happened ?

The answer is:

The human voice!

It can be as simple as that!

He used his voice to communicate effectively.

People started to listen to him.

He made sure he was heard first time every time.

People started to think about him more.

He became a voice people wanted to listen to at work.

He was in demand at work.

People liked his methods and wanted to work for him.

People always listen to him.

He gets invited to speak.

He is an authority in his field.


Would you like to have those vocal skills, too?

Clapping Audience

Well, the good news is, YOU CAN!

Let's start now. Phone me today and I'll tell you how I can help you.

Contact me. It'll be one of the best decisions you made.

Business Meeting

This is my direct number


My work is truly unique

Elocution Elizabeth 01.jpg

Elizabeth Darley

Founder of Elocution Solutions

I offer one on one training for engineers, scientists,

company directors, surgeons, entrepreneurs, software developers,

and CEOs and all other high-level people.

I'm described as a 'global player' because my clients are worldwide!

My clients come from

Nigeria to Dubai

London and Europe,

Yorkshire to Cheshire to Lancashire and Holmfirth.

I solve their speech problems.

If it's about human communication- it's me!

I offer a personal , one to one service because "the client is king".

Work with me on a customised programme for three to six months and experience life-changing results. 

My years of business coaching experience mean that all my clients receive world class coaching from me-

My clients get the results they want in the time they want them.

Who is Elizabeth Darley?


           Hello! Thank you for viewing my website. I hope you find it interesting. I enjoy helping people to improve their speaking voice. My skills come from teaching classical singing since 1994 and being invited by playwrights to take a lead role in their own productions as well as my dancing studies and my occasional the talks on art history.

Changing your speaking voice is worthwhile and highly effective but can only be done over time. My ideal pupil is someone who has an hour free every week and time for homework and is ready to work hard with me on their voice over six months.


My coaching programmes change people into much better communicators. If you want to reach the heights of your abilities, you will do so through my one to one elocution coaching and training. I help people who are in positions of responsibility but who are aiming at a higher goal. The speaking voice will take you there once you work with me.


In business, time is money and I work by following that. There's no slacking on my programmes and the work becomes more challenging by the week.

I like to be knowledgeable, friendly, positive and approachable and I enjoy helping people.

I offer unique elocution programmes in a mix of traditional and modern techniques.

I'm used to working with high-level professionals who are based in different countries and continents.

I am invited to work with academics, university scientists and engineers, with business CEOs and a whole range of other professionals. People find me because they have a real need to be heard and understood first time.

These people want to make better use of their speaking voices in all situations but especially in formal settings including international conferences and talks.

I understand the concerns in the high-level world today and that it is imperative to be heard well.


We can work within a choice of geographical locations:

At my studios in Holmfirth, at your home address, at your work address, at my studios near your home or work and on SKYPE/ZOOM or at a combination of these. I hire rooms up and down the country and some are within five star hotels.


You will need to work well and practice daily at work while speaking to others.

I work with a small number of clients at any time so that I can dedicate my time to their improvement. The work with me fits in with your normal work and social life because you will be practicing whenever you speak.

Simply commit to working with me for just six months and you won't look back! Many of my clients tell me it's a life-changing experience!

In that short time you can change and become the master of your voice.

I will dedicate myself to your improvement.

Don't put it off any long! Get in touch!

Contacting me is easy. You can talk to me on the phone today.


Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Darley

Elizabeth Darley



I believe in working hard to always be the best elocution consultant I can be and it's a great feeling to see and hear my clients become brilliant communicators in such a short time span.

Everyday I come up with fresh and effective solutions for all my clients so they each make daily progress.

And, my clients say they "enjoy working with me", too! That's a bonus for me.

People say they like my unique way of working.

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