Elocution Coach Elizabeth Darley

A shot of my train to King's Cross as I'm invited to work in central London for international clients. 

Elizabeth Darley

Elocution Solutions was founded in Yorkshire in 2004 by elocution coach, Elizabeth Darley. “ I was a children’s classical singing teacher at the time and I was asked to provide elocution coaching for a lady who was a manager for a charity. She told me she had a presentation coming up and I helped her to practice. Demand for my elocution coaching soon succeeded the demand for my singing lessons, so I built on that demand!”

Now an established elocution coach, Elizabeth Darley has enjoyed working as an actor in local plays where she had to remember her lines.


“ My husband drilled me and it was no easy task but I enjoyed it immensely.”


After asking to have elocution lessons in her early teens, Mrs Darley studied Fine Art at Batley when she was 18 years old and went on to study her degree in art in Manchester. Today, she is both an artist and an elocution coach. She says she likes both worlds,


“ I don’t confuse the two. The spoken word is vitally important for all of us. I enjoy hearing and seeing the progress in my clients’ speaking voices. People are usually amazed as to how much my coaching improves their whole lives simply because they develop good speaking voices!”

“ I work with all ages and often with people who are in positions of professional responsibility as well as with young people who are at school or taking their A Levels- they need to be very well prepared for all those up and coming interviews, of course!”

One of our young elocution clients practicing reading aloud


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