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Our History

Elocution Solutions was founded in 2004 in Yorkshire by established classical singing teacher Elizabeth Darley “ I was a classical singing teacher at the time and I was asked to provide elocution coaching for a lady who was a manager for a charity. She told me she had been asked to give a presentation soon and  she asked me to help her prepare." She was a satisfied customer and this was the start of understanding a demand for elocution lessons locally.

Local demand for Elizabeth Darley's elocution coaching eventually outdid demand for her singing lessons. More individuals came to Mrs. Darley for elocution lessons and these individuals were people in all types of work from IT developers based in the both the UK and the USA to Chief Executives based in the UK to company directors based in Manchester UK to NHS surgeons from Africa to the world's top engineers from British universities.

Demand was driven by word of mouth and by organic SEO. Online, people seemed to be determined to FIND ELOCUTION SOLUTIONS.

For Elizabeth Darley, her acting experiences contribute directly to her consultancy. Of course, the spoken voice is the instrument of actors and a the world of acting is a valuable resource for our programmes. 

Acting in local original plays Elizabeth Darley has enjoyed working occasionally as a volunteer actor in local plays in which she had to remember long sets of lines in the joint lead role of Saint Hilda and Saint Cuthbert.

“ My husband drilled me on remembering my lines perfectly and it was no easy task! But, I enjoyed it immensely.”

We also pass on to our clients in our programmes various techniques from the worlds of singing, public speaking, speech therapy and news reading.

Back in her early teens, Elizabeth Darley had asked her parents for elocution lessons "to sound nicer on dad's cassette recordings he took of us on holiday.

I heard the sound recording of my voice when I was twelve and I thought I sounded horrid!" The elocution teacher in Huddersfield was an inspiration to Elizabeth Darley. She now uses one or two of the old techniques she was taught then. People find these techniques useful in their working lives.

Demand for the programmes written by Elizabeth Darley has reached across the UK and into Africa and into Asia. The power of the internet is the agent of information and valuable to ELOCUTION SOLUTIONS for 'getting the word out about the unique programmes offered by ELOCUTION SOLUTIONS. 

Travelling to work with clients in London is a frequent part of the working week for Elizabeth Darley. Kings Cross Railway Station has become a familiar destination on route to  our London studios.

1st Class Train Kings X Station.jpg

King's Cross Railway Station, London central


Take our unique programmes in London 

Our central London studios are in Fitzrovia. Pupils come here from the south of England and even come when on long stays in London.

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