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Business Elocution Coaching for Adults

In Person Private Coaching

How would YOU benefit?

I work with individuals and with businesses through HR managers.


The Private Individual

This training will suit you if you are experiencing anything negative due to your speaking voice at work

or if you would like to generally improve your communication skills at work.

Every week, people contact me for help with difficulties in speaking at work; you are not alone! My clients tell me of other's comments and attitudes to regional accents.

Many more of my clients contact me because they know that they are being overlooked at work due to their speaking voice.

Clearly spoken English is a requirement for all successful people. Employers are aware of this. 

That's why they contact me to engage my services for their important staff.

People interrupt me at work meetings Man

This is one of my clients who is using what he's learnt with me while he's at work.

Speech Training London W1W.jpg

Elocution Solutions

A client feeling relaxed during a

coaching session with me

My Three Months Course

Dedicate yourself to working one to one in person with me for three months

for two hours training per week with selected homework and 24 hour phone access for any requested extra personal support you would like to have.


What you get from me


Weekly one to one sessions with me, Elizabeth Darley,

The Founder of Elocution Solutions

 at my elocution studios at central London or in the north,

Weekly 'follow up' work-especially for your needs,

Professional sound recordings for your progression,

Free private car park at my Holmfirth studios,

Fully guaranteed payments following my terms and conditions,

My confidential coaching.


You will soon learn


How to pronounce words more accurately,

How to reduce your unwanted accent,

How to develop a more neutral accent,

How to change the volume of your voice,

How to project your voice-

so that others hear you, first time,

How to change the speed of your voice,

How to use your breath to speak well,

Good posture.


Recognised qualifications that you might be

interested in acquiring when you work with me


Support for your completion of


Elocution Lessons in the BRONZE AWARD for young people/Scouts


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art 

speech exams (LAMDA)


Elizabeth Darley EDES Certificate in Business Elocution Skills


How you will benefit

Work with me to gain many advantages including

Greater self confidence at work,

Better communications at work,

Faster upward progress in your career,

New doors opening for you,

More professional opportunities for you,



Your personal programme will follow your requirements based on the above information.



All private, confidential, one to one coaching.


How to book


Simply talk to me and I will explain how I can help you


To email or phone me now-

Tap below

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