Sally Darley

This is where young people, especially girls, become successful communicators. Girls aged 11 to 15 learn to be heard. First time. This is where girls learn to be successful communicators. 

Successful Communication Keeps the Family Together

A Brief Intro

We are easy-going and professional; you always come first in all we do. 

We work one to one only. Our clients are families with children at public school (private school) and at grammar school.

Find out more by phoning our 24 hour number now 07949721958 


Prices start from £175 for a private assessment and from £996 for private coaching.

Does your daughter

 Stumble Over Her Words, Stutter, Mumble, Sound Nervous, Have An Unwanted Accent, Speak Too Softly,

Mispronounce Some Words, Speak In Monotone, Speak Too Rapidly or have a perceived speech impediment?

Be Clearly Spoken, Understood first time, Engaging, Self Confident, Respected.




Sally Darley 07949 721 958

24 hour number 07949 721 958

The Elocution Studio

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West Yorkshire

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Our training is guaranteed and if you are not completely satisfied we will refund you by following our Terms and Agreements.