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Children and Young People


Hello! I'm Elizabeth Darley, a private elocution coach. I am based in London and the north.

Children and young people are such a joy to work with. I started working with young people in 1987.

Helping children and young people is something I'm passionate about.

The family of the pupil comes first in my decision making.

I work in private schools and in the family home.

I encourage self respect and consideration for others.

Elocution Lessons 01

My pupil's Elocution Presentation Day 2019

Our pupil, Chloe, chose to have elocution lessons with me for

THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD (Bronze) with Elizabeth Darley Photo by Elizabeth Darley 

How can I help?

I work with families and young people who are aged from 5 years to 18 years

(or from school year 1 to school year 13)

I help young people who are at university,

I can help your child to speak with clarity and self confidence. 

My sessions are one to one with you and your child, at your own home or at my studio.

Young people often prefer I work with them at home,

Some young people prefer to work with me with parents in another room,

Your son or daughter will learn to articulate with greater clarity-  to be heard first time.

Elocution Lessons 13

Learning with Elizabeth Darley and Preparing for Sixth Form

Photo by Elizabeth Darley

Elocution Lessons 04

Elocution Solutions Presentation Day Coaching as part of the Bronze award for 


School teachers

I am also invited to help in private schools. Teachers in private schools realise the importance of clear speech and being understood. Private school teachers are required to communicate well in class and to help their pupils of all ages to communicate well, too.

What happens in a typical session?

After my Initial Assessment with you and your child,

we embark upon the first coaching session, starting with warm ups and exercises and moving on to subjects for study and practice.

I teach a variety of vocal techniques from traditional elocution lessons and from the dynamic worlds of acting, public speaking, speech therapy and psychology. Sessions are educational and set at a level to suit the age and requirements of the pupil. The pupil is introduced to vocal techniques to bring out the best in their voice. Young people and children are offered a variety of resources for speech training with me and I introduce them to quality prose and to classic poems.

I notice that children seem to enjoy learning to speak well and if they find the sessions fun and interesting. Young people are helped to prepare well for sixth form interviews and for university interviews and to develop their conversations.

Public speaking 001

Elocution Solutions in action at a family home in north Leeds

The world is very competitive today

All is not lost! I have worked with many families who seem to have lost hope but are soon surprised and delighted to see a positive change in their child’s quality of speech with my coaching. 

Some of my young pupils have serious brain damage and work with me successfully;

I also work with young adults and their families from Pinderfield’s Hospital, Wakefield.

Some of my young pupils live in Nigeria and work with me in my central London elocution studio 

while their family is on a visit to see grandparents in Great Britain

Elocution Lessons 04.jpg

My Elocution coaching sessions-Practicing the different ‘th’ sounds.

​My own coaching experience

From 2012 to 2017 at University of Huddersfield working with senior engineers and staff for international science talks.

After working in the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at NHS Huddersfield Royal Infirmary with the consultant surgeon, Mr Smelt,

I began working with families who had found my services and then contacted me to help their child.

Over many years, I have worked with families and also in schools. I hear from parents and teachers that my pupils make good progress because of better speech.  Primary schools often invite me to work with them for better communications in school.

Parents tell me like to ear better communication in the family.

The BBC TV and radio contact me out of the blue for information on speech and communication in the community today.

BBC TV asked me be in a new programme about my coaching. Several of my pupils families enjoyed being invited by the BBC to take part in the programme which was filmed at the lovely at Bagden Hall Hotel, Denby Dale in 2009. 

Public speaking Elizabeth Darley

One of my young pupils from Manchester. She is overjoyed to have been awarded a DISTINCTION in her LAMDA exam

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Why is speech important for children?

Speech is one of the most influential tools your child possesses; for instance, do you remember your child's first word?

We all teach ourselves to speak by listening and copying others. But, sometimes we get stuck along the way and need support. 

I'm here to help your child with all aspects of better communication and clear speech- for whatever reason.

I can help with stuttering and lisping words, mumbling and mispronunciation.

Singing Pupil 01

First Prize Winner

One of my pupils winning First Prize in a classical competition

My learning structures

At first, families normally contact me via email or phone, asking for more information and explaining their requirements.

I let them know if I can help them.

If I can help, I follow a detailed syllabus for each pupil, by starting with

an Initial Assessment and then going on to working with me for an hour or two each week over several weeks or months. 

Sometimes, parents come to me after NHS Speech and Language Therapy for their child.

Other parents come to me to help their child have more overall self confidence at school or college.

I help with all aspects of speech-

whether your child has any speech impediment

or whether your child is clearly spoken but in need of other support for their daily communication.

Elocution Lessons 03

One of our pupils working

with Mrs Darley at his family home

The world of work is

more competitive today than ever before.

My training helps young people stand out against the competition. 

Photo by Elizabeth Darley Elocution Solutions

Austin and Zack pupils.jpg

Family fun

Two of my youngest pupils with their mum

Elocution Elizabeth Darley 2018 London W

From Nigeria

to London

This young pupil is from Nigeria but one summer, her parents brought her to London to visit her grandparents. Her parents also booked her in to Elocution Solutions for weekly lessons in central London.

How to make a booking

Please contact me by phone, email or text and let me know your difficulties or problems regarding a child’s or a young person’s speech. I will send you further information you request and an Initial Assessment is arranged, followed by weekly sessions.

"My daughter's voice is so much better now after your coaching with her, Mrs Darley."

Mrs Kaye, Huddersfield.

"My daughter is sounding much clearer and louder now, and she's more self confident at school, after coaching with you Mrs Darley."

Mrs N, Nigeria. 

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