I am very experienced in working with families- children and young people who are referred to me by their father and/or their mother. I work at Holmfirth or within the family home, beginning with an Initial Assessment and then, if required, once a week for several months to help the child or the young person become clearer and more accomplished in their spoken communications.

Sometimes, parents come to me after having private or NHS Speech Therapy for their child. Often, I am asked to help with children’s signs of stammering and stuttering. Other parents come to me to help their child to have more self confidence at school as many times a child will be expected to speak in front of the class. I help with all aspects of speech whether or not a child seems to have any impediment or is clearly spoken but in need of some other support in communication.

Elocution Lessons 01

Presentation Day 2019

Our pupil, Chloe, an Explorers Scouts and THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD (Bronze) with Elizabeth Darley Photo by Elizabeth Darley ESED

Elocution Lessons 13

Preparing for Sixth Form

School Year 11 pupils often ask their parents for elocution lessons.

“I asked my mum for speech improvement lessons because I wanted to improve in all situations.” Adam, one of our elocution pupils, from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, QUEGS, Wakefield Photo by Elizabeth Darley ESED

Elocution Lessons 03

After University

Young adults regularly ask their parents for elocution lessons to help in preparing for upcoming  job interviews. Photo by Elizabeth Darley ESED

School teachers

I am also invited to help in schools. Teachers realise the importance of clear speech and being understood. School teachers are required by OFSTED to communicate well in class and to help their pupils of all ages to communicate well, too.

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Family fun

Dad is at work. This lovely family is great fun and a joy to work with. Here, they’ve just bumped into me while enjoying their local town in high summer 2018, Yorkshire. Photo by Elizabeth Darley ESED

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Presentation Day 2019

THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD with the ESED Certificate with Explorers Scouts 2019 Photo by Elizabeth Darley ESED

Singing Pupil 01

Katie gets the First Prize

Our young and brilliant, acedemically superb, A* scoring, beautifully voiced classical soprano , Katie, from Halifax, wins the First Prize Trophy and Certificate at an established and renowned classical music festival Huddersfield, 2016

Photo by Elizabeth Darley ESED

“75% of a child’s brain growth has occurred by the age of 2 and by 22 months a child’s development can predict outcomes at the age of 26 years. · By the age of 5, a child’s vocabulary is a strong predictor of their educational success and outcomes at the age of 30 years.”

I Can charity, 2021  ican.org.uk

All is not lost! I have worked with many families who seem to have lost hope but are soon surprised and delighted to see a positive change in their child’s quality of speech. Some of my young pupils have serious brain damage and work with me successfully; I work with young adults and their carers from Pinderfield’s Hospital, Wakefield as well as other young people. Some of my young pupils live in Nigeria and work with me in my central London elocution studios while their family is on a visit to see grandparents in the

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Elocution coaching session 2019

Practicing the different ‘th’ sounds in this, that and thought. Chloe, a charming and totally dedicated ELOCUTION SOLUTIONS pupil.

Public speaking Elizabeth Darley

Our pupils enjoy LAMDA exams

One of our young pupils, Melissa, who’s from Uppermill, Manchester, is overjoyed to be awarded a DISTINCTION in her LAMDA exam 2019. Photo Elocution Solutions by Elizabeth Darley

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Elocution Solutions at north Leeds, 2009

Preparing for an acting career , our young pupil, Tom, is learning about vocal clarity from elocution coach, Elizabeth Darley.  Also, in this session with Tom, the Bradford Telegraph and Argus magazine journalists phoned us for an interview during this session. Elocution Solutions was then, in 2009, given a two page colour article on the uniqueness of our work. Photo 2009 Elocution Solutions by Elizabeth Darley


Someone doesn't want to have to say "Goodbye" after completing the elocution programme for children.

Our precious, young Nigerian elocution pupil while completing the ESED Grade 1 exam programme ELOCUTION SOLUTIONS, Elocution and Communication Skills, London 2018

Mathematics star pupil, Oma, aged 8, here saying a heartfelt "Goodbye" to Mrs Darley while showing a little wooden toy lamb she received.(The toy lamb is from Mrs Darley's childhood toy collection at Holmfirth, UK)

Elocution Elizabeth Darley 2018 London W

How to make a booking

Please contact me by phone, email or text and let me know your difficulties or problems regarding a child’s or a young person’s speech. I will send you further information you request and an Initial Assessment is arranged, followed by weekly sessions.

Tuition Fees to 27th FEB 2021


At my elocution studio at Holmfirth

Initial Assessments (1 hour to 90 mins) from £175

Three Months Private Coaching (12 hours) from £1,250

One Single Session £160